Sunday, 14 August 2011

Took on the riots and returned triumphant, with rice.

Triumph.  I have returned to my little home, with a celebratory muffin and a cup of peppermint tea.  Smiles all around, as it seems the dreadful rioting that has taken over England has finally died down.  Those people should be ashamed of themselves!  On the other hand, just look how gangsta this guy is.

This picture makes me laugh so much.  They couldn't even get the good stuff, supermarkets own brand.  If you're going to rob something at least rob something worth robbing, like a brand name.  Me and Danny walked past the world food isle in the supermarket the other day, when I got to the basmati rice I burst out laughing.  So I decided I had to do one better than this guy...

...oh yeah, mine was a brand and boxed for my convenience.  Not sure what's happening with my face or eye though.  And my hair seems to have taken a life of its own.  Oh well, still worth a giggle.

Hope you've all had a good and safe week?  And weekend of course.

I know I've been quite a busy bod, the last few weeks and have ignored the world of blogging somewhat.  Shame on me, shame on me in deed.  I'm here now though, and I've been mulling over ideas of things I would love to blog about this upcoming week.  So keep posted.

Also I'm working on a mini project, that I hope you'll all be apart of.  Nothing too exciting, but still it might interest you.

So I've been a very good little neko and have some blogs planned, and some blogs all written up and ready to place upon your little screens, so your pretty eyes can gaze at.  In fact I might write a blog, telling you all what I'm going to write about.  Then I have to stick to it!

Love you all, and missed reading through all your blogs.


  1. HA! That picture you did is something I would totally do. Rice 4 Life, yo!

  2. Hahaha - love your interpretation! I thought exactly the same when I saw that picture. But then I started wondering whether it was a real riots picture, or whether it was just some random shot someone had lifted to be funny. Surely self respecting Gang-starr would go own brand?!

  3. @Erin, I'm going to make a shirt that has the slogan Rice 4 Life on!!! lmao

    @Lakota, you never know. I mean someone did loot Aldi and only took half a trolly! At least fill it haha