Saturday, 20 August 2011

Enchilada's, Milkshakes and Zombies oh my!

Hello there,

Well its been an interesting few days.  Nothing happened in particular, but it was interesting non-the-less.

I have decided to join the wonderful world of contact wearing.  My day-to-day glasses have been swapped over for some contacts.  I'm still really weary of them.  I've been wearing glasses since I can remember, I even remember my hideous pair from when I was about 5.  They were round like Harry Potters and the top half was yellow and the bottom half was lilac.  A ginger, freckly kid who was obviously already a geek and a little odd wearing those glasses.  No wonder people tried to bully me.  Tried.  Mwahahaha.

It's not the touching my eye thing that bothers me with contacts, but the lack of glasses.  I just think I look really odd, my eyes seem so small, and my face looks naked.  For the love of Yoda, I went outside with a naked face.  No wonder people stared.  It had nothing to do with the ripped fishnets or the neon pink and green hair.  It was the naked face thing obviously.

Does anyone else wear contacts and have the same naked problem?  Are you naked right now?  Your face I mean haha.

Then tonight I had a date night with Danny.  Due to the lack of pennies, we decided to have one at home tonight.  So we chilled in my room and I made us enchiladas for tea time.  Non-spicy ones ofcourse...but they still seemed to be too spicy =/, they were still tasty though.  Danny ate them so fast he felt sick, but I'll take it as a compliment.  Me enchilada's taste so nice that they must be eaten quickly so no enchilada fairies can try and steal them!!!  I drank some strawberry Angel Delight milkshake to take the edge off the spicyness.  Strawberry milkshake always gets a huge thumbs up from me.  Then we sat back and watched a film.  I'm a huge horror fan so we watched a Spanish film called [Rec].

There's a story behind why we had a date night in and watched the film.  When we first got together a year and half ago we couldn't afford to go out properly so we had a date night in.  We ate a huge pizza, I drank strawberry milkshake and we watched Quarantine.  It turned out Quarantine was an American re-make of [Rec], and we had such a good night that we vowed to watch [Rec] too.  He even ate the pizza too fast that night too.  So it seemed fitting that we did the same thing again, except with Enchilada's.  I was really feeling the need for Enchilada's.

Anyway [Rec] was amazing.

Scary and brilliantly made.  There's just something about foreign horror movie's that are much more, well scary.  Don't get me wrong, I love American horror films too, but the reason I love them is because most of the time there camp and gory.  It's really hard to find horror with atmosphere and just the right amount of gore to make it genuinely scary though.  [Rec] was really terrifying.  The effects weren't over the top and they just let the story really sell itself.  I would definitely watch it again, I even have to sequel [Rec]2 to watch.  I can't wait to watch it.  Zombie films for the win!

I'm a huge zombie film fan, but the last few years its become a chore watching some of the zombie films they hash out these days.  I used to be such a zombie purist.  My friends would laugh at my outrage that zombies could run, so much so that I boycotted zombie films for quite a while.  Now I just watch them grimbling and grombling at the inappropriate zombies who run, and I growl at those who can think for themselves.  Saying that, I still love them.  I learned to accept it, I'm still a grump about it sometimes, but I've learned to just relax and enjoy the cheesiness.

I've even got my outfit planned for when I have to take on the zombie hordes, my boots that I like to call my "Zombie-apocalypse boots", and my Zombie killing hoody.  I just need to find the perfect dress, I want Mila Jovovich's red one from Resident Evil.  I think then I will be unstoppable.

I can't find my boots, so I'll find them a take a picture of them for you.

Do you have the perfect zombie horde killing outfit?

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. <3 I love, love LOVE [Rec], and your blog! x

  2. Isn't it such a good film? Thank you so much =)