Monday, 26 September 2011

The possibility of a Halloween Swap and a 25 follower give away

I know I asked before, and I had interest from 2 people, so I'd really like to know if people are interested in me doing a Halloween swap or not?  I just thought it would be a fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Also I know I also said I'd do a 25 follower give away in an earlier post, and as soon as I'm better I'll go shopping for it.  Sorry it's taken me so long.

Blast this sickness!

Yet again, this sickness is trying to take me down.  It's got a fight on its hands, especially seen as it's the Zombie Walk this Friday.  Good luck illness, good luck indeed.  I have Zombies and Captain Kirk on my side.

Alas all I've been doing all weekend in between naps is watching films.

I got to watch films that I love and films that I'd never seen.  Got to say, was not impressed with Transformers Dark of the Moon.  Not even slightly.  Granted I loved the first two, but Danny is a huge original Transformers fan (in fact one of my best friends and another friend are too) and since being with him and rewatching the cartoons from when I was a wee little Cherry I can understand why he sits and huffs and puffs all the way through them.  They're really nothing to do with the originals.  But this one took the urinal cakes!!!  It was not only near enough nothing to do with the originals but it was also just a plain terrible movie.  It takes a lot for me to not like a movie, and I REALLY DON'T like it.  If it wasn't for our Lord and Saviour Leonard Nimoy I wouldn't have watched it till the end so willingly.

I also go to watch Green Lantern, which truthfully I've never read.  I don't know that much of the Lantern universe, but aside from probably having little to do with comics I really enjoyed as a nice switch-off-and-chill movie.  I love Ryan Reynolds.  I think he's a brilliant actor.  So he didn't let me down.

Then there was Big Fish, and Sweeney Todd.  Tim Burton made these.  Enough said I do believe.

And now I'm about to watch some Death Note goodness.

Any one seen any good films this weekend?  Any one got any good films to recommend?  I would love some new films to enjoy while I'm still bed bound.

Friday, 23 September 2011


~Sniffs the air~  Can you smell that?  It smells like rotting flesh.

~Listens really carefully~ It sounds like shuffling feet.  They sound like they getting closer.

Oh, that would be because the zombies are coming.

Only one week, then the zombies are here!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bad news, followed by good news, followed by better news.

Of course none of this news affects you guys in any way, except of course those of you who can't go on with out knowing the ins and out of my life.  Who wouldn't?  I do lead such a glamorous lifestyle.  YEAH RIGHT!

I just thought I should do a little post based on what's been happening to me the last few days.

First the bad news, I'm sick...again.

Yep, the mean ulcerative colitis has reared its ugly head again and decided it's time I had a flare up.  I've been feeling all icky for about a week now and then on Monday it hit at full force.  It's finally dying down, and I'm starting to feel better, but as with everyone, after you've been sick you feel tired.  I'm just grateful it wasn't so bad that I needed to go back into hospital.  Nothing that a good haul of legal drugs and huggles couldn't cure.  So I'm feeling a bit better, but I apologize for my absence, I spent the week in Danny's in bed drinking tea and being told not to move, while I was waited on.  So, I guess it wasn't the end of the world, I did clock in on some reading and did play on the PS3 for hours on end.  So, yes, feel sorry for me.  It's so horrible having to play games for hours on end, and watch endless amounts of films.  Who's want that? Haha.

The good news and the great news next.  I can't decide which is better, because they're both equally awesome and have made this week a lot more bearable.  I'd probably be down in the dumps moaning about being sick again if it wasn't for these.  So I'll start with the one that ties in with me being sick.

I had another one of my wonderful hospital appointments again.  This time with a new doctor, and he was lovely.  Better than a lot of them who like to talk down to me because I'm only 24 and obviously don't know what's going on (grrr, I hate it when Dr's do that).  Any way, he's a specialist in bowels.  What a fun speciality right?  I was referred to him because the one of my Dr's has been hinting at the possibility of more surgery.  Which is always fun.  Some of you who have read my Disappearing Act post from a few months ago know that I have a colostomy bag due to some emergency surgery.  Well the new Dr informed me that the only reason I have got the colostomy bag was because the day I had to go in surgery there wasn't a bowel surgeon in and they just did what they think they had to.  Turns out, they didn't.  They where meant to do something completely different.  But, hey, at the end of the day they saved my life.  Well the new Dr has decided, it's time to fix that mistake and give me a reversal.  What will need to be done is one huge surgery and one little surgery and then possibly some more after that, over quite a few months, and that they don't do it any where near where I live so I'll be put far from home with specialists.  But I don't care.  I'm super excited!!!  I've been trying to get this surgery for the past 2 years and I'm finally able too.  So, YAY!

And the second bit of news is that Danny has asked me to move in with him.  I've been so excited I've barely noticed being sick, seen as he's already brought us our first piece of moving in together...things?  A cup.  My first new cup for the new house.  I'm not allowed to use it till we actually do a get a place, but it's big and has Dr Who on it so I'm happy.  As of today, we have started looking.  I'm turning all adult-like.  It's creepy.  I'm going to be very poor too.  Any tips on how to live away from your mum and dad?  Haha.  I'm going to fail.  But hey, it's a new adventure!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

A-Z of Cherry


I just found two A-Z's in a matter of minutes on two different blogs (amyschmamey and Lariats and Lavender).  I remember doing these all the time when I was younger and how much I loved doing them.  So here's it goes:

A. Age ~ 24

B. Bed size ~ I have two beds technically and both are singles (one where I love, and one in my boyfriends house)

C. Chore that you hate ~ There's a lot of chores I hate because they pull my sore tummy when I stretch too much, but I'll go with hoovering just because it really kills me.  Luckily I don't do it any more =)

D.Dogs ~ I love dogs, and I hope one day I can have a load of them.

E. Essential start to your day ~ Going to the toilet haha

F. Favourite colour ~ Red.

G. Gold or Silver ~ Silver, gotta keep those werewolves away somehow.

H. Height ~ 5 ft 6 inches.

I. Instruments you play ~ I can't really play any instruments, I've tried though.  My favourite was playing drums, but I don't have rhythm.

J. Job title ~ Being a Cherry Neko, saving the world.  Among other very important titles of course.

K. Kids ~ Nope.

L. Live ~ Liverpool, England

M. Mother's name ~ Valerie (but everyone calls her Val)

N. Nicknames ~ Ah, there's a long list.  But my main ones are Cherry, Clefairy, and Clefoodles (which is actually the shortened version Clefoodlairydoodlecakes).

O. Overnight hospital stays ~ Only one so far, but it lasted a month.

P. Pet peeves ~ Spite.  I hate spite.  There's two types of spite in my opinion, when you joke around with your friends spite (as long as its all in good fun and no one gets hurt) which I'm okay with, but then there's real spite.  I hate it.

Q. Quote from a movie ~ "Bio-digital jazz man" Tron Legacy

R. Right or left handed ~ Left, but I can do a lot of things with my right too.

S. Siblings ~ An annoying younger sister who I love!

U. Underwear ~ Oh lots of different types, in lots of different colours.  Right now I'm wearing purple leopard print with Animal on.

V. Vegetables you hate ~ There's not a lot vegetables I hate...but a million that hate me.  How ever peas are evil and should die.

W. What makes you run late ~ I always try my hardest to be on time, except doesn't tend to happen as much as I'd like.  I tend to day dream...a lot.  It's very distracting.

X. X-Rays you've had ~ Stomach, intestines, legs, arms, back, and my right ankle.  Oh and teeth.

Y. Yummy food that you make ~ Cookies, cakes, pasta dishes, and fizzy jelly.

Z. Zoo animal ~ Penguins!

If you do an a-z let me know, I'd love to read it.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What I did on Tuesday

Alas, my cable for my phone still eludes me.  Photo's will still have to wait.  I'm going to my boyfriends tomorrow (or seen as I'm actually posting this just gone midnight, that technically makes it today) so I can pick his up for when I return on Friday.

Well, Tuesday was quite a fun day.  I woke up and listened to some music for a while, I remember listening to MSI ~ Shut Me Up, Finger Eleven ~ Slow Chemical and Repo! The Genetic Opera ~ 21st Century Cure.  If you like punk check out MSI if you haven't, if you like rock then Finger Eleven...used to be good, and if you like gothic opera films with a modern twist you should totally watch Repo! The Genetic Opera.  I mean who wouldn't want to see Giles as an assassin?

And I have a slighty googly eye crush on the GraveRobber...or it could just be I really want his coat.

Any way, after that I jogged downstairs and gave my Dad his birthday presents.  Which he liked.  Then Danny gave him a crate of lager for his birthday...he liked that more.  But I tried to outstage him, I told him the jumper was a special jumper that you could only wear when drinking lager.  I don't think Dad believed me haha.  Ah, he likes his jumper and slippers and that's all that matters.

Then I did a little bit of reading, not just any book but an amazing book.  The new Skulduggery Pleasant book.  The first book is in my top 3 books of all time, it goes Dracula, Interview With A Vampire, then Skulduggery.  At least it used too, I think I've decided that my inner child is at its happiest when reading about  a skeleton detective, which is odd because when I was a child I was more content reading Dracula.

If you don't think that awesome books that are aimed at a younger audience isn't a little too immature for your taste you should definately check it out.  There are no sparkley vampires...but there are some vampires.  They tend to be a little more...erm "darker", than the Cullen family.

Then I watched Monday Night Raw with Danny.  I love wrestling, I'm a huge fan (or mark, to use the technical term for a fan of wrestling), so I enjoyed a muffin and some good matches.

At some point, after a very tasty egg, sausage and chip dinner I tried to watch a film called Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.  But my Xbox didn't want to play nice so I'm going to have to wait to watch it.  I'm upset about it though, I really want to see it.  It looks soooooooo funny.  Has anyone seen it?  Is it any good?

Then I spent the rest of my night being an Assassin, I played on Assassins Creed Brotherhood before deciding I should probably blog.  A spontaneous post that has no real importance other than to tell you what I did on Tuesday 13th September.  Lol, sorry.  Hope I didn't bore you all too much.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Halloween Blogging

I know, another post.  Mwahaha, but it's another mini one.  I was thinking of extending the Halloween love and wondering if anybody would like to do some guest posts here over October, it could be to talk about Halloween, tell us what they're favourite movies to watch on Halloween are, some spooky stories, some terrifying recipes, some creepy crafts.  If its to do with Halloween I want it.  If anyone wants to take part please give me an email at or drop me a comment down below.

Halloween Swap?

I know it's only September, but to some (including me), it means that one of the most important days of the year is coming...HALLOWEEN!  I have had an idea, I'm going to celebrate Halloween blog style.

I want to host a Halloween Swap.  I thought it would be a good idea, to celebrate the Halloween holiday by giving.  Nothing too expensive of course, just a few gifts.  It could even be hand made.  I was thinking if people interested could email me, and then I'd pair them up randomly by pulling names out of a monkey head (well it's a monkey hat).

But before I go ahead and do this, I was just wondering would people be interested?  If you would be please let me know.  The more the better.


POW! THUD! TURNIP! See anything sounds cool in comic book land.

I return.  With Batman delights, unfortunately I can't show you all the fun I've had the last few days because I am an extremely silly person and I have lost my phone cable so I can't get the pictures from the phone to the laptop. Of course I'm prepared for situations like this, I have a spare...which I left at Danny's.  So as you can see, I'm silly and I fail.

I did have a great time though, and I am going to post a blog showing photos and telling of adventures as soon as my cable reappears.  Lets face it, it's not everyday you see the Joker in the flesh (thank you Batman Live!) So keep your eyes peeled.

In the mean time please join me in celebrations, I have 28 blogs on The Little Blog of Blogs and hopefully more will join soon.  If you want to join its really easy, and the more the better, so follow these quick steps.

Hope you've all had a fun week?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

HQ loves Mr J, and I love HQ

Me and Danny have decided to have a mini trip.  We're just going into the city for 2 nights but I found such a bargain.  The hotel we're going to stay at was meant to be £200 per night, but I got it for the bargain of £43 per night.  So yay!  Already super excited.  Then to top it off we're going to see Batman Live at the Echo Arena.  I'm so excited I might pop.  I'm going to see Harley Quinn!!!  I know she's not real but who cares, I'm going to see one of my favourite charatcer's of all time in the flesh.  And BATMAN!!!  It actually sounds like an amazing show, and all the reviews have given it really high praise.  It should be a fairly awesome Wednesday night.  I just got to figure out what to wear...Batman t-shirt or red and black dress.  Tough choice.

So if I've dissapear for a little while fear not, I've actually gone to save the world with Batman...or having fun with Harley Quinn.

Hope you all have an amazing week!

See you soon, same bat time, same bat channel.