Monday, 15 August 2011

I get does my sister apparently

I'm all excited and jittery today!!!  It's my little sisters 21st birthday tomorrow!!!  Which makes me feel a little older than I actually am, haha.  I want a rocking chair and a porch to put it on.  I can't wait to give her all of her presents though.  I spent so long trying to decide what to buy her.  She is ridiculously hard to buy for.  So I'm hoping she'll love what I got her.

Vicky doesn't drink or go out to town, and with me not allowed to be out in crowded places or able to enjoy the tastiness of alcohol I came to the conclusion that a trip to the Zoo was called for.  So me and Danny took her to Chester Zoo a few weeks ago and we had such a good time.  Mostly laughing at Danny.  He's never been to a zoo or anything like that so spent the day hyperactive, jumping from animal to animal.  He loved the monkeys so in honour of his pure giddyness vicky got a monkey teddy and named it after him so we'd all remember the day.  And I got a teddy penguin, I named her Zooey.  We had so much fun.   

I've just wrapped her prestents, and I've blown up some balloons, all I have to do now is wait to be able to run into her room, jump on her bed and sing "Hippo birdy" at the top of my lungs ~waits to pounce~.  

So I've been trying to busy myself, which has been extra hard today.  I'm trying to loose a bit of weight, my Dr told me last week that if I do get the go ahead for more surgery it might be better to loose a bit of weight.  Which I've been wanting to do for a while now, not too much though.  I'm a fan of the curvy look, I used to be skinny and I wasn't really comfortable with who I was.  When I started to put the weight on, I felt better, but then I put a little too much on.  Only problem is I can't diet.  It's not a mind thing, it's been a week and I've stuck to it.  Not one sweet, or cookies.  Only good foods.  The trouble is I can't eat many of the "good" foods.  Due to my colostomy and ulcerative colitis a lot of food is off the menu.  Eating most fruit and veg is no-no for me, I can't really eat wholegrain or anything with too much fibre in and nuts are what I like to call "suicide", they won't kill me but they hurt like a bitch.  So, you see my problem.  Plus exercising can't really happen either unless I want to land myself back in hospital.  I got a meeting with a dietitian once my letter comes through, and hopefully they can help.  That's when I get my letter in.  

So I've been running on full distraction steam today.  I read my tattoo mag, I read some blogs, read some tutorials and have started to make a bustle apron for myself.  But now it's late and I don't feel much like doing anything except maybe watching a film.  Shaun of the Dead methinks.  Yay!

Hope you all have a fabulous night,


  1. Let me know where can I get a rocking chair I feel old too!! what tat mags you read??

  2. We can rock even in old age haha. And I read Skin Deep, Total Tattoo, Skin Shots, Flesh and Ink...basically anything about tattoos. I love them, one of my favourite forms of art =)