Monday, 29 August 2011

Little Gothic Horror love

I'm in love.  With a blog, (but don't tell Danny that).  Or more so the owner of the blog, Emma.  She's a wonderful person and has helped me in my crusade of uniting blogs together all under one little blog.  My little project, The Little Blog of Blogs.  It finally has its first resident, residing in the newly built Horror section.

After all the support she's giving me, here, I felt it was only fair that I give her blog some love and support HERE. So ladies, gentlemen and all the other wonderful creatures in the world, I bring you, Little Gothic Horrors.

About Me: Hi, my name is Emma and I've always been smitten with the supernatural and the spooky. I have created this blog to be a dwelling place for all things delightfully dark. My family, my cat and my friends are the centre of my universe, and a night spent at home with a DVD and a Chinese take-away is my idea of a party. An actual party, oddly enough, is not my idea of a party.

It's an amazing blog, and she talks about some really fascinating things.  Including Buffy (so you can see why I already give her the thumbs up).  She has a penchant for horror, but it swings to the more Gothic side (like her title states) rather than the gore.  The more classy in time in horror.  Her musings are wonderful and I really could not say anything about Little Gothic Horrors that would make it sound any where near as good as it is.  So I suggest you take your peepers away from the bright world of Cherry Neko and delve into the dark, wonderful world of Little Gothic Horrors, just this once.


  1. Awwwww! You're so sweet! Thank you!! It was my pleasure, and I'm sure The Little Blog of Blogs will be a huge success!!!

  2. How nice! Yes, we all love Emma's blog. :)