Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cabin in the Woods

I won 2 free tickets to an early screening of Cabin in the Woods on April 2nd.

I'm so excited to see this film since it first got mentioned.

Haven't seen a decent horror for a while, so hopefully this will make up for the dreadful of Paranormal Activity 3.  I swear it was just Demon Eye for the Straight Guy.  If he doesn't like a lamp he'll just blow it up, if he doesn't like the table he'll just stick it to the ceiling.  The worse thing is I now have to watch the fourth one just to see what the hell is actually going on.  The first film was brilliant, and I even liked the second one.  Number 3 you have let me down.

Any way Cabin in the Woods = Hopefully good (I'm relying on you Whedon).

I want this poster for my room.

Also if you're a fan of Repo! The Genetic Opera, well the guys behind this magical piece of musical genius have a new film coming out, The Devil's Carnival.  I tend to hate musicals.  Only three have ever made it into my best films of all time category: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sweeney Todd and Repo! The Genetic Opera.  So The Devil's Carnival will have to work hard to get my approval.  However in the talented hands of Terrence Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman I'm sure I'm going to fall in love again.  Here's the trailer for those interested.

Monday, 26 March 2012

There's blood in the tub...oh wait it's just hair dye.

Yep.  I have once again dyed my hair.  I've gone from purple and blue back to red.  Gotta say missed it too.  I know I kind of cheat on this one because my natural colour is ginger, so going red is just like a blonde person dying their hair even blonder.  Oh well, I love it.  I've missed having bright red hair.  Although saying that I'm already looking forward to going back to dark green.  It's not like I can't, I can always return but for now I am once again a full fledged red head.

The ginger Thor obviously laughed so much her eyes squinted during photo opportunities.

I really haven't been up to much since my last post.  I went to the pub with my 2 best friends and Danny the other night.  It was so much fun.  It's a pub we often end up at, usually filled with students and old people a like and a lot of rock music.  Danny took control of the jukebox towards the end of the night so we had some brilliant tunes blasting out, but the best was when I heard Ozzy's voice blasting through the speakers.  I'd been singing War Pigs all week since finally purchasing Gears of War 3 and my wonderful boyfriend had obviously noticed and popped it on for me.  I even had a sneaky drink, even though I'm not meant too, but hey I've been sick for a very long time you got to be naughty every now and then right.  Plus strawberry cider is soooooo nice.

I also went for a day out in Manchester with Danny.  We spent the whole day shopping, it was such a good day.  I brought some clothes and the tastiest cookie ever!  I was really shocked to see a Taco Bell, I've never seen one in England.  I didn't have anything from it, but just seeing it was enough to make me smile.  Then I got home, after finally being allowed out for more than half an hour before feeling sick, I was expecting consequences.  I knew that's I'd be really tired and start to feel sick again but I couldn't understand why my right ankle was hurting so bad.  Then we discovered I had somehow at some point sprained it without knowing. I really do know how to do things awkwardly.  At least I got my day out and at least I got to sing War Pigs really loudly before my banishment to my bedroom once again.

So I'm once again stuck into a big pile of books, which I'm kind of happy about.  I can finally do some catching up on my reads.

Wishing you all a happy awesome day, and I demand that you go and put on one of your favourite songs on and blast it!

Monday, 19 March 2012

You missed me and you know it! Hahaha =)

Hello blogging world!!!  ~hugs her blogging friends through weird computer wirey ways~

I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. for so long, nearly 4 months now.  Wow.  That is long.  In a very non end-of-the-world-way I've not been having the greatest time the past few months and I don't want to bore you with sob-fest details.  A lot of big problems the size of Godzilla thought it would be fun to see how far they could kick me down, I'm pretty sure they came with their very own badly dubbed laughter.  Evil, evil problems.  However, they forgot, I'm a super-hero.  I save the world, it's in my blog title (okay I know I'm not really a super-hero and half the time I'm lucky if I remember to recycle but it fits in with the story, so just go with it please).  These evil Godzilla sized problems forgot that every decent super-hero finds a way back, even the Dark Knight must return, and so did I.  So know I'm battling these problems with iron fists and witty quips and hopefully during the breaks I'm going to pop back onto my blog space and blog away.

So hello, I've got a few minutes spare before I have to go and be super and stuff.

How is everyone?  Hope you've all been good and behaved.  Oh who am I kidding, I hope some of you have behaved, I know the rest of you won't.  That's why I love you.

I wish I had exciting things to tell you, but I don't.  Life really hasn't moved beyond the four walls of my bedroom much for the past few months, I could tell you about the exciting adventures of Ezio, Cole MacGrath and Marcus Fenix but they're just computer game characters.  There's been some Deadpool reading, film watching and book reading but nothing too exciting.  I'm hoping that will all change soon and I will have many wacky stories to tell you but for now I'll stare out at the cloudy sky and daydream about saving the world...then I'll make a tea watch some comic-book men, followed by A Nightmare on Elm Street then some more gaming.

Hopefully back for a long time,