Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It's all right because I'm saved by the...Zack?

Today's been hard.

Vary hard.

I mean after all that fun shopping I had to do.  Pfft, my tootsies are killing.  It's a tough job, but someones got to do it.  I got lots of new pretty things for me to play with, so I'm a very happy girl indeed.  I'm planning on a few posts next week, already started writing them out and I just gotta load up the pictures so everything will be ready for your pretty eyes to gaze upon.

Anyway, after a hard day shopping, I'm planning on getting an awesome cold shower to take the edge of these boiling hot day, then sitting on top of my bed in front of the fan and watching some Franklin and Bash.  I tried the show out the other day and was pleasantly surprised.  I actually laughed quite a bit, but then as the show went on more and more I got the nagging sensation that I knew one of the main guys, but couldn't put my finger on it.  Then that wonderful little light bulb I have hidden in my head, turned itself on.  He's Zack.  Zack from Saved By The Bell.  Holy crap, I watched him on a daily basis when I was younger.  I had such a crush on him too.  I couldn't believe it he's all grown up...and I got to see his bottom ~girly giggles~.

It's funny when you spot someone who you know from years ago and seeing them all grown up.  It's another thing when you see their bum, haha ;).

Has anyone else spotted people from their childhood all grown up?

Hope you have an awesome day!

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