Friday, 26 August 2011

A Random Day (photo heavy)

Boo!  I scared you didn't I?  Haha.

Today's post is inspired by a post I read on the wonderful Miss Lou's blog.  You can find Miss Lou here --> and the post I'm "robbing" ideas from is here -->

It was World Photography Day and she had an amazing idea of taking a photo of what she was doing every hour.  I loved the post and the idea itself.  So on Tuesday I decided to take a photo every hour.  I was going to my boyfriends that day so I set the alarm on my phone to go off every hour and snapped away.  The rule I made for myself was whatever I was doing every hour I stopped what I was doing and took a photo. I should warn you though, the picture quality isn't that great and my Photoshop skills are non existent. My camera is playing dead and I'm hoping for a new one for Christmas so until then you'll have to make do with looking at my phone photos.  Hope you enjoy!

10:30 I actually woke up much earlier but had sat in bed drinking my tea and reading blogs.  so this is me in all my sleepy glory.
11:30 In the middle of putting my make up on and doing my hair.
12:30 I was just walking to the bus stop after I had got my shopping.
1:30 walking from the bus stop to Danny's and my buckle came undone on my awesome Converse.
2:30 Sat in Danny's watching Metal Gear Solid being played by the boy.
3:30 Just about to peel and eat my apple yum!!!
4:30 After being silly and forgetting my medicines me and Danny had to get a taxi all the way back home to pick them up.  I thought I'd take a picture of the clouds because they looked pretty, then noticed the huge "soil" label blocking them haha.
5:30 Getting back to Danny's.  He looks terrified.
6:30 Making pasta for tea time nom nom nom

7:30 It's time for a mini nap on awesome Space Invader pillows.
8:30 Just waking up and about to sit down and watch some films for the rest of the night.  (We watched Your Highness and the WWE Monday Night Raw).  Danny politely asked if we could watch them without taking photos, he'd put up with it happily all day, so it was only fair.

So that was my day.  Not that interesting but I had a lot fun doing it.  Have you done anything like this?  Or are you going too?  I'd really like to see.


  1. i think perhaps i shall try a day of photos life is ultra boring though so not sure if urrybody would like to see pics of me at my desk all day long, lol. i suppose i could do it on a day that i'm not working but seriously work is almost the hilight of my life, baahahaha!

    seems like a nice day! awesome about reaching 10 followers! i'm to 34 but i remember when they started coming exciting!!!

  2. You should do a photo day Taryn, I'd really like to see. If you do, make sure I know! lol

    And thanks, I'm genuinely excited about 10. I'd probably have a heart attack if I got to 34 haha

  3. Hey YOu should've left me a comment so I would have seen this sooner <3 I love it, I love your converse!!!

  4. Lmao sorry, I thought I was forgetting something. ~face palm~ And thank you, they're my fave shoes atm =)

  5. Space Invader pillows!!! Whaaaaaaat? Just too awesome!