Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hello! Welcome to my neck of the woods!!!

Well hello there.  If you're one of the clever ones you've figured out this is my blog.  If you've accidentally stumbled onto this page while searching for a super-hero, brick layer or a gardener I'm sorry to tell you that this isn't the right place for you.  You probably should continue your search elsewhere...unless you want to stick around, in that case, awesome!  I hope that I provide  some form of entertainment that helps you to procrastinate.  Though I'm sure it was very important what you were meant to be doing. but it's always fun to have an excuse to procrastinate.

If you've chosen to keep on reading, then you should grab yourself a chocolate bar to congratulate yourself.  See, 2 seconds into blogging and I've already given an excuse to procrastinate and an excuse to get some chocolate.  Isn't that great?

Anyway, my name is Cherry Neko, this is where I blog.  Is there a point to this blog?  Yes, its point is to serve no point.  It's pointless, that's the purpose.  It's some kind of paradox blog, that's why I love it so much.  Okay, I guess it does serve a purpose.  I want to share with you the wonderful goings-on in my life.  One day it could be to show you the new skirt I made, it could be tell you how wonderful my cupcakes taste or to tell you that the Labyrinth is an awesome film.  I'm sure you agree with the latter.  I like the idea of a paradox blog though, so I'm stubbornly going to tell my self it's paradox blog and you can all nod and smile along with me.

I decided to start a blog after the months of enjoyment I've had reading other peoples, I've got to a peak into their fascinating worlds and I thought that maybe there's someone out there who'd like to hear about mine.  Is there?  I hope so.  If there is, don't be afraid to introduce yourself or ask any questions, who knows maybe you'll find yourself liking it here in the world of Cherry Neko.

Thanks for reading, pop back again soon, maybe I'll something a little better than a first blog post =).