Friday, 28 October 2011

Listen to them - the children of the night, what music they make.

~Said in a very embarrassing Backstreet Boys song voice~ Oh my God, I'm back again!

Don't judge me on my voice, and don't judge me on my song choi...who am I kidding, where on earth did that come from!?!

Oh, who the hell cares! It's Halloween Eve Eve Eve!  And what a very important Friday it is for most people out there on this planet called Earth.  People preparing busily for their Halloween parties for this weekend.  Making sure you've got enough candy/sweets to give to enough children this weekend and... well, doing other things for the build up the Holiday of the year, HALLOWEEN!!!

Is anybody else getting excited?

So far today I've gone shopping with my boyfriend, if we didn't go today then the shelves would be bare all week because the shelves in the shops would be empty.  The supermarket was packed!  So it was good job we went today.

I'm really lucky, I've been well enough lately to actually get excited about Halloween.  The past two years have been hard for me on Halloween, but this year I plan to go all out.  Well-ish.  My best friend 5 Apples (nicknamed after the height of Hello Kitty) is throwing her annual Halloween party.  Although she only decided to throw it this year a few days ago.  so every bodies been rushing around looking for last minute costume ideas.  I'm excited about mine.  I'm dressing as a rockabilly pin up zombie girl, though I won't be able to paint my whole arms and that, but hey I'll make it work.  Danny's costume is particularly epic, but I'm not allowed to say what it is.  I'm sure there will be photo's.

Speaking of costumes and photo's, everyone should go and check out Justine's blog party, she has some rather amusing photographs of her friends of the blogging world in their costumes.  I was invited but unfortunately all my photo's involve me in my more wild child ways, I'm either drunk, pulling obscene gestures or wearing some very unlady like things.  So I'm routing through the depths of mum's photograph cupboard.  There has to be one of me in my more tame Cherry ways haha.

Well today I've spent most of the day making Brain cakes, thanks to Sian's wonderful Zombie blog post.  I'm in the middle of making them waiting for them to cool down but I can't wait to finish them and eat them all up.  So thank you Sian, and your wonderful blogging ways! I will be sure to post photo's too.

Also tonight, for the first time in my little Cherry life, I'm going to carve a pumpkin.  I've never done it before, and Danny has insisted that this year I have to do one with him.  I'm sooooo excited.  I want to make a Jack Skeleton one.

I hope everyone's as excited as me.  Let me know what you're up too!!!

p.s. I love my post title!


  1. Oh, I want to see your Jack Skellington pumpkin! I bet that will turn out great. Thanks for mentioning my Halloween blog party! Keep looking, I'm sure there's a sober picture out there. :)

  2. I'm so, so happy someone has tried to make the cakes! I can't wait to see pictures! :D
    I hope you have an awesome Halloween! xx

  3. Have a great Halloween, I want to see pictures. I had a party for the small ones - it was great. I got to make eyeball cakes and they played musical zombies to techno in the garden!

  4. Hey! You got a blog award! Congrats! =)

  5. @Justine ~ The pumpkin was great! I loved making it, and it looked brilliant!

    @Kweeny ~ Soon my pretty, soon.

    @SP ~ The cakes went brilliantly I loved them, and so did everyone else. I'm going to make them again soon.

    @Lakota ~ Techno zombies...that's new haha. Love it. Sounds like they had a brilliant time.

    @Annie ~ Thank you sooooo much! <3