Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cherry Neko (The Zombie Years...volume one; music)

Here it is, the first of my zombie posts.  Aren't you all lucky?  I ran through songs and songs and then some more songs trying to find out what my favourite zombie song is.  I had The Misfits, The Creepshow, Schoolyard Heroes and Zombina and te Skeletones to name a few.  But my chosen zombie song of the day is from Jonathan Coulton.  I love this guy, his songs are so epic.  I first found out about him through my favourite video game of all time, Portal.  He wrote the credit song at the end, and bam, it was love.

So here you go, hope this song helps you to understand zombies a little better.



  1. I've never heard this one before. Yay! Now I have another song to add to my Halloween playlist!

  2. It's a good song, I think it's hilarious and catchy =) glad I could help with your Halloween playlist!