Thursday, 18 October 2012

Post #2

Look at me, I must be getting back on form.  2 posts in 2 days!  But hey, you guys are worth it.

Today unfortunately has been peppered with sadness, a very close family friend died, one I consider to be more like an uncle than just a friend of the family.  He was my dad's best friend since school.  A long, long time ago.  As sad as it is, I truthfully can't help but feel a little relieved for him.  He's not been very well for a few weeks now and I can only hope that there was no pain for him at the end.  Of course I had a good cry into Danny, but Charlie was such a happy guy (admittedly he loved to have a moan, but it was part of his charm so we forgive him haha) and I just know that moping around for him would probably piss him off, so today I'm thinking of all the good memories.  My teddy bear, Snowmeltasourass (who he gave to me when I fell sick a few years ago) will always be a reminder of all kindness he had in his heart.

So with that being said I think I shall focus on happy things now, like all the blog reading I've been doing.  Seriously it's taken up most of the day, but I've enjoyed every minute of it! 

Of course it's distracted me from what I was meant to be doing!!!  Okay, technically not work as it's fun and I don't get paid, but still I think it's a cause for a dramatic sound effect or two.  You see even though I sadly felt I had to finish writing about my self it seems the urge to write is never too far from me. 

For years I've been telling my boyfriend Danny to follow one of his dreams of running a website and a few months ago he finally got his act together and built one up.  A constant work in progress but all sites have to have training wheels for a while right?  So I started writing for his site, The Gaming Reel, a site for game and movie reviews and bits of news too.  There's only a few of us doing it in spare time so not as much content as we want to get up there one day but still it's been really fun to do.  It encouraged me to do something on some of my darker days.

I'm also thinking more and more about writing a novel, one I've wanted to do for years and I figured seen as I seem to be writing again maybe it's time to give that a whirl.

Right I'm off to break diet rules and eat a cheeseburger and watch the next ep of Ben and Kate.  Seriously sucked into it, who knows maybe I'll sit down tonight and start some writing.  Any tips, words of advice or a nudge of encouragement are always welcome.

Do you think I'll make it to post #3?  I really, I really hope so!


  1. Sorry to hear you lost someone close to you :( It is really great that you're trying to stay positive though, as you think he would have wanted that.

    Your boyfriend's site looks fantastic. Seems like it's off to a great start!

    I hope you manage to get some writing done - distraction and procrastination are such little devils sometimes! I don't think I can give you any advice, since I'm terrible with that lol But I think deadlines and telling other people about your deadlines (so that you have to stick to them) help a lot.

    Good luck with everything, and I hope things get better for you soon x

    1. I shall tell my boyfriend he'll be made up =)

      I did get some writing done, I'm very proud. I was thinking deadlines too. Maybe post them up here and force my self to get them done!

      Thank you very much, I'm sure they will =) x

  2. Yay! You're back! I hope everything gets better for you. I've been in a weird funk myself and just got back to blogging.

    1. I am back, because I'm cool like that haha. I'm sure it will get better for my. Oh no!!! Get yourself out of that weird funk and be your usual wonderfully weird self!!! We shall blog together =D