Monday, 26 September 2011

Blast this sickness!

Yet again, this sickness is trying to take me down.  It's got a fight on its hands, especially seen as it's the Zombie Walk this Friday.  Good luck illness, good luck indeed.  I have Zombies and Captain Kirk on my side.

Alas all I've been doing all weekend in between naps is watching films.

I got to watch films that I love and films that I'd never seen.  Got to say, was not impressed with Transformers Dark of the Moon.  Not even slightly.  Granted I loved the first two, but Danny is a huge original Transformers fan (in fact one of my best friends and another friend are too) and since being with him and rewatching the cartoons from when I was a wee little Cherry I can understand why he sits and huffs and puffs all the way through them.  They're really nothing to do with the originals.  But this one took the urinal cakes!!!  It was not only near enough nothing to do with the originals but it was also just a plain terrible movie.  It takes a lot for me to not like a movie, and I REALLY DON'T like it.  If it wasn't for our Lord and Saviour Leonard Nimoy I wouldn't have watched it till the end so willingly.

I also go to watch Green Lantern, which truthfully I've never read.  I don't know that much of the Lantern universe, but aside from probably having little to do with comics I really enjoyed as a nice switch-off-and-chill movie.  I love Ryan Reynolds.  I think he's a brilliant actor.  So he didn't let me down.

Then there was Big Fish, and Sweeney Todd.  Tim Burton made these.  Enough said I do believe.

And now I'm about to watch some Death Note goodness.

Any one seen any good films this weekend?  Any one got any good films to recommend?  I would love some new films to enjoy while I'm still bed bound.


  1. If you haven't seen it yet, The Fall is amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend it! Hope you feel better soonage xxx

  2. When I made you a Minion of Misery, I didn't expect you to take the misery part literally. Get well, soon!!!

  3. 29 Days and I Am Legend both had really scary zombies - fast and ravenous, not plodding and slow like usual. You'd really have to RUN if they were after you!

  4. Um, that's 28 Days, not 29.

    (Sorry, it's hard to type with zombified fingers!)

  5. ~Kiki La Mer~ I've actually ordered the Fall and await its arrival, I really can't wait to watch it.

    ~Little Gothic Horrors~ Thanks very much, and I'm going to try and finish of that email for you today.

    ~Eric 'Bubba' Alder~ I'm sure 29 Days Later is even better haha only problem I have with 28 Days Later is the running zombies but I suppose it's a good film. I'm actually going to put it on now lol