Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Yes, he's a skeleton AND a detective. Problem?

Phew!  What a week I've had.  It seems I've been rushing around non-stop, I've barely had time to blog and when I have sat down at Ema (the name of the laptop) my brains just been frazzled and putting word to screen became an impossible task.  Pfft, stupid brain.  I don't know what I pay her for, all she does is sit around all day and daydream.  I'll let her off though, it seems that she's returned back to her old self today, being all thinky and stuff.  It couldn't come at a better time either, for my wonderful boyfriend has got a poor tummy, so he's in bed at his mum's house while I have to sit here and entertain myself.  I miss him a lot, it just seems too damn quiet.  Maybe some cyber-get-well-wishes are what he needs, in that case, GET WELL SOON DANNY!!! ... or else ~shakes fist menacingly~.

So without my boyfriend to keep me occupied, it's been up to me to find fun ways to pass the time.  And that's why I'd like to thank the magnificent Derek Landy for the creation of Skulduggery Pleasant.  I love those books!!!  I have a mini-obsession with Skulduggery, it's my favourite book series.  It knocked The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice from being my number one book series, a place it held since I was very, very young.  I may be older now, but something about this character just makes me feel like I should be sneaking up late at night with a torch under the bed covers to read it.  It provides a warm ooey and gooey feeling inside.

So I've been happily re-reading the first book today curled up in a blanket, listening to the rain, eating cakes and drinking tea.  What a perfect way to spend some "me" time.  Is there any books you love to read when you're having your "me-time" and do you drink tea or coffee?

Though I have to say I don't like this whole Danny being sick thing.  It unnerves me.  I'm not used to it and all I keep thinking about is what things I love when I'm having a sick day and how he hasn't got them with him.  Not that they'd probably make him feel any better but it's just one of those things.  I get sick quite a bit thanks to my wonderful immune system and a bad case of ulcerative colitus.  So when I'm sick I love to hug Flufflez the penguin and have my Oogie cushion nearby while I watch a load of  Studio Ghibli films, then as I'm going to sleep I put my Nintendo Star night-light on.

I know it's a bit childish to have a night-light but I only use it when I'm sick, and it really cheers me up. It's not the fact that it's a light, it's the fact that it's a Nintendo Star.  I have collected them for a few years now, not sure when my little collection started but I have a few Stars now and I loved them all.  Then I met Danny and one of the first things I noticed about him what that he has a Nintendo Star tattoo!!!  I couldn't believe my luck, and so now I have another star for my collection, that's the reason I'm with him, promise.  It just seems like another one of those things that convinces me that he was definitely made for me.

I've got to go now, my belly's begging for food (I hope it likes pizza).

Have a good Tuesday folks.

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