Monday, 13 June 2011

Cherry Neko and the Case of the Dead Batteries

How much fun is it to have the house to yourself and blast out your favourite music?  Of course there's the obligatory sing as loud and terrible as you can to the music, and in my case the odd jump and the important moshing.  I've discovered the best way to dry hair is by waving your head around like a lunatic, but I like my hair to look messy.  Currently I've got the latest Foo Fighter album on, so I'm a very happy bunny indeed.  They're my favourite band of all time and have been for over a decade now, sure they've done some crappy songs but then there's the epic songs that cancel the bad songs.  So I've spent most of my morning moshing around the room and trying my hardest to fight the urge to jump on the bed like a big kid.

I also done something productive, a new choker.  It's a piece of light green ribbon with a small Hello Kitty! charm on.  I love it and the whole point of me turning on the laptop was to put up a photo, so I turned on my laptop, sat down, put my necklace down on a backing, to make it look a little more professional because that's what they do...I think?  Any way, I got it all ready and turned my camera on...and then it turned itself off.  So I turned it back on, then it turned itself off again.  Yep, I knew it.  The batteries have died, and me being the silly girl I am, has forgotten to by more.  Even been on a list for months now.  I should really start picking up my shopping lists with me.  So that being said, my necklace is cute, use your imagination for now.  Please don't try and imagine this magnificent and wonderful piece that could never be duplicated though, because then you'll feel let down, and then I'd feel bad for letting you down and have to go out and buy you some chocolate.  And don't tell me your disappointed just so you can get a free chocolate bar, that won't work.  Though now I feel guilty for not giving you any chocolate, hmmmm, I'll let you share some of mine instead.

See, I'm not all bad.  ~fixes my crooked halo~, damn thing keeps slipping.

I've got to go in a minute, I'm off to the boyfriends for a few days.  He's promised to take me to see the Hang Over part 2 tomorrow so I'm very excited, then hopefully we're going to pick up a zombie film for the night time.


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