Tuesday, 22 November 2011

No post title, just smiles

Hello world!

I do plan on writing a proper blog post about all the awesome things that I've been doing this last week (okay, not many awesome things, but I do promise a proper post soon).  Instead I just thought I'd post something that made me giggle uncontrollably last night and hopefully spread smiles across the world.

He is our new saviour, the Dark Pug!

He will be the hero we need him to be.

I'm hoping that you guys out there are all smiling, and if not, then think of something that does make you smile right...now!

See, made ya smile.


  1. I am vengeance..I am the night...I am Bat-Pug!!!

  2. Ha! That is too cute. Is that pug yours?

  3. Awww... that little guy certainly looks like he is taking his responsibilities seriously!!! Haha.

  4. http://mydisguises.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/batman-mask-for-cats.jpg


  5. That dog is so stinking cute! :)