Sunday, 10 July 2011

Magneto and Metal

Konichiwa blogging world!

Sorry I never actually blogged last week after I promised I would, but unfortunately a few personal matters caught up to me and has left my mind all frazzled and mush.  Hopefully after Tuesday I should be back to my old strange and odd ways, instead of sitting at the laptop and staring right through it.

I apologize but my writing skills are being slowly diminished the more and more I'm stressing out at the minute,  but don't worry I haven't completely abandoned you folks.  That's just insane.  Yes, I may be a little bonkers (all the best people are), but outright straight-jacket insane I am not...though apparently there's still time.  Who knows I might rock the straight-jacket look.  Someday, but not right now.

So here I am, writing, as Danny quotes Anchorman at me like some crazed fan.  Oh, now he's singing the Zelda theme.  He's just as strange and geeky as me, yay!

So last week, in between the bad bits there was a few good bits.  Danny decided to take me out for the day to get my mind of things, and I ended up having a brilliant day.  We went to see X-Men First Class, which I absolutely loved.  I love X-Men, and it was nice to see an adaptation that still had its roots from the comic.  That aside, the film was amazing.  Brilliant story and brilliant actors, although I have to say that Michael Fassbender stole the whole show for me.  He was amazing as Magneto and I really couldn't imagine anyone else in that role any more.

Then afterwards I went and got a new piercing.  Which lands me at 13, it would have been 15 but unfortunately when I was in hospital a while ago I had to take them out for surgery.  I had my navel pierced from when I was about 14, but my whole stomach had to be cut open from the middle and unfortunately my belly button is just part of a huge scar now sadly.  I also had my nose pierced, and I had it done not long before getting rushed in.  they made me take it out so they could shove their pipes down my nose. By the time I could have them removed my nose had healed up.  I miss my piercings.  For some reason they felt like they had become apart of me, and now they've been taken away, which requires a sad face from me.

Any way my new piercing is in my left ear, in a place called the snug.  I love it, but I got no photo's of it at the moment because it's all swollen and bruised while it's healing, as soon as it's better though I'll put up a photo.

It was a good day and it really cheered me up.  So thank you Danny.

There was another day out, and I really do actually plan on blogging about it tomorrow.  I promise.  So in the meantime just think about Unicorns, cookies and polka dot skirts.  It will all make sense soon.

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  1. I also loved magnetos character it was a great movie indeed