Wednesday 31 October 2012


Just a quick message wishing everyone a very happy Halloween, even to those who have awful circumstances right now.  I hope that you kick that bitch of a storm in the face and salvage some happiness to celebrate Halloween and just have a brilliant night.  I send big wishes out that you do and for those who live in places where Halloween isn't usually celebrated hope you find a way to celebrate and just have some fun!!!

I can't do much else for my dongle has little data (and that sounds so wrong in my head), so I'm off for a very sober but fun Halloween with my Danny and a stack of films...who knows we may even get some sweetie treats if we're good enough.

Hope you all have a brilliant night!


  1. A Happy (belated) Halloween to you too! I must not have visited your blog in a while, because that banner is new to me. I love the font used for "Cherry Bomb".

    1. Thank you =) Yep, I needed a change from the bright anime background and planning on starting up a new little shopsicles so I thought it would be good to change the name too. I'm glad you like the banner.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Hope you're feeling well and doing okay. :)

  3. Hello! You used to follow my old blog that I just changed the URL to. I was going through my blog followers lists so I could make sure to follow everyone back. I just followed you. I see you have not posted in a couple years though. Hopefully you start posting again:) My new blog is You may have to delete the "Decayla" blog and follow the new one in order to see my posts. I still pop up in peoples blog feeds from the old URL but when you click on them they don't work. Some people might not have gotten the notice I was changing the URL. Thank you for following my other blog and I hope to see some new posts from you in the future :)