Wednesday 31 October 2012


Just a quick message wishing everyone a very happy Halloween, even to those who have awful circumstances right now.  I hope that you kick that bitch of a storm in the face and salvage some happiness to celebrate Halloween and just have a brilliant night.  I send big wishes out that you do and for those who live in places where Halloween isn't usually celebrated hope you find a way to celebrate and just have some fun!!!

I can't do much else for my dongle has little data (and that sounds so wrong in my head), so I'm off for a very sober but fun Halloween with my Danny and a stack of films...who knows we may even get some sweetie treats if we're good enough.

Hope you all have a brilliant night!

Monday 29 October 2012

Pumpkin Murdering 2012

"This is Halloween, this is Halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night!"

Happy nearly Halloween everyone!!!

Hope you're all excited and enjoying the Holiday.

Sadly this year I'm not going to any parties or doing any dress up but I do plan on sitting in watching Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Hollow with my boyfriend, a huge pile a chocolate and our pumpkins sending warmy glow vibes to us.  Oh yeah, pumpkins!!! =)  I'm so friggin' excited about our pumpkins, me and Danny decided to carve them last night and they look amazing.  Last year was my first pumpkin ever and we carved a basic Jack Skeleton.  Which I fell in love with, but this year I wanted different.  This year I wanted a challenge.  So this time I got up the ol' Google Images and sifted through pages and pages of pumpkins and found a Frankenstein and his Bride that I fell in love with.  So Danny drew them out by hand on the pumpkins and we hacked like crazy pumpkin murderers into the dead of night.

My beautiful babies.

Any of you got some pumpkins carved, send me a link I'd love to look at them.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Cherry Neko Saved The World!

Those of you who have excellent peepers may have noticed that there has been some changes around here.  Alas Cherry Neko is no longer a superhero.  The world has been saved.  The bad guys have been defeated, so Cherry Neko Saves the World has been laid to rest, her little cape and bootsies have been placed in a museum for all to look at and I'm hoping that memorials all over the world will be built in her honour.

However, Cherry Neko is not dead!  Far from it.

I'm still here to blog and nothing will change about that.

I hope you all like it?

In the meantime remember I'm now

Saturday 20 October 2012

It's a dark morning...bliss!

I love it when it's all winter like, I especially love dark mornings.  They always seem more peaceful than bright sunny mornings that harshly wake you up and then force you to look at the busy morning world.  Dark mornings encourage you to snuggle back into bed, they offer you warm drinks and don't try and blind you.  Ah, I am happy.

It seems that I didn't get a third post up yesterday, that really is a shame but it was a little ambitious of me to think so.  There was work to be done for the site, I had dad's shopping to do and appointments all over the place before family came down.  So I was curled up in bed falling asleep while me and Danny watched Stan Lee With Great Power.  At least I'm posting today though.

I'm really happy to say that I did start writing yesterday, got 11 pages down so I'm very happy, hopefully I'll keep it up.

Oh yes, yesterday morning I woke up to find one of my Christmas presents from my sister had arrived ~dances~ but sadly it's got to go back ~sad dance~.  It was meant to come with a strap and it didn't, but the girl who emailed me back was lovely so it didn't bother me so much.  So now I have to send it back and wait for a new one to be mailed out.

What do you think?
Provided by Google Images
So now I must play the waiting game!

I also got myself two pumpkins yesterday out of the last of my money, so I'm looking forward to pulling their guts out.

I'm off to make a cup of tea and grab some breakfast.  Good morning world!

Thursday 18 October 2012

Post #2

Look at me, I must be getting back on form.  2 posts in 2 days!  But hey, you guys are worth it.

Today unfortunately has been peppered with sadness, a very close family friend died, one I consider to be more like an uncle than just a friend of the family.  He was my dad's best friend since school.  A long, long time ago.  As sad as it is, I truthfully can't help but feel a little relieved for him.  He's not been very well for a few weeks now and I can only hope that there was no pain for him at the end.  Of course I had a good cry into Danny, but Charlie was such a happy guy (admittedly he loved to have a moan, but it was part of his charm so we forgive him haha) and I just know that moping around for him would probably piss him off, so today I'm thinking of all the good memories.  My teddy bear, Snowmeltasourass (who he gave to me when I fell sick a few years ago) will always be a reminder of all kindness he had in his heart.

So with that being said I think I shall focus on happy things now, like all the blog reading I've been doing.  Seriously it's taken up most of the day, but I've enjoyed every minute of it! 

Of course it's distracted me from what I was meant to be doing!!!  Okay, technically not work as it's fun and I don't get paid, but still I think it's a cause for a dramatic sound effect or two.  You see even though I sadly felt I had to finish writing about my self it seems the urge to write is never too far from me. 

For years I've been telling my boyfriend Danny to follow one of his dreams of running a website and a few months ago he finally got his act together and built one up.  A constant work in progress but all sites have to have training wheels for a while right?  So I started writing for his site, The Gaming Reel, a site for game and movie reviews and bits of news too.  There's only a few of us doing it in spare time so not as much content as we want to get up there one day but still it's been really fun to do.  It encouraged me to do something on some of my darker days.

I'm also thinking more and more about writing a novel, one I've wanted to do for years and I figured seen as I seem to be writing again maybe it's time to give that a whirl.

Right I'm off to break diet rules and eat a cheeseburger and watch the next ep of Ben and Kate.  Seriously sucked into it, who knows maybe I'll sit down tonight and start some writing.  Any tips, words of advice or a nudge of encouragement are always welcome.

Do you think I'll make it to post #3?  I really, I really hope so!

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Chowing down on the cereal of life!

Hello world!

Cherry Neko here and I just want to say "HELLO!"

Yes, I'm alive.  I may have disappeared for a while there but I promise I'm still here.  Truthfully I'm not sorry, so I won't apologize, I needed to vanish from the world of blogging for some time.  Not going to lie, I was getting near breaking point, I tried my hardest to put on a brave face but the idea of writing anything on my blog gave me a sense of dread and I really didn't want to write anything down.  My life felt like a cereal box where I was promised a prize and every time I got close to it another scoop of cereal was chucked on top until the box was so full it was about to explode.  Life got bad and I really wasn't me.  But magically about a week ago someone came along and turned the box of cereal upside down and I got my prize!!!  I have no idea if any of that made sense but I couldn't think of any other way to put it.

Life's still not perfect, but I'm getting there and it's really nice to know that people I've never met still care so thank you to those people, those little sentences mean more than you know.

It seems easier to write about what's going on in my little world again.  Who knows, maybe I'll be back to my old self sooner than I think.  For anyone reading this, thanks for sticking around, thanks for giving this a read.  Hopefully I'll beat my problems soon, in the face...with a shovel.  In the mean time I'm going to try and get back into writing and hopefully back to nosing at your wonderful worlds.

Sunday 6 May 2012

See's my determined face!

I don't actually have a picture of my determined face, mainly because every time I try to take one I look more and more like an old man trying to suck a toffee.  It's not a good look for a 25 year old girl, so you should just all imagine a very determined face, my determined face.

Yes, the past few months have been really bad for me.  And yes, this means blogging has taken a bit of a sit back for me, but that's not because I don't enjoy it.  I love blogging.  I get down because I'm not sometimes but when I get upset I find it really hard to write, and I personally don't think reading a blog about all the bad stuff that's going on with me is going to be fun for anyone.  So I'd apologize for not keeping on top of it, but I'm not sorry.  I sometimes feel guilty that I haven't but I started blogging for some fun, and when it feels like it's a chore it's no longer fun.  So while I'm still sick I won't be posting as much but that don't mean I don't love you guys just that I need some me time for now.  So please don't give up on the blog, and check back time from time, I'm not disappearing.

Now what does determined face have to do with me time?  I'll tell you.  The Avengers, and how bad I need to go and see that film.  I'm such a huge geek, and I am a huge Whedonista (a female fan of the Whedonverse a.k.a. a Joss Whedon fan).  So it is natural that for months and months and months and so on and so on, that I have been desperate to go and see Avengers Assemble.  I have missed my one of best friends 2 engagement parties, not been able to see another one of my best friend while she's not well either, was sick for my two year anniversary of being together with Danny as well as missing my own Birthday pretty much.  Oooh which reminds me I should post photies of awesome presents at some point,  So my determined face is kicking in.  I will not miss this film.  I will not miss Hulk smash.  I will not miss Thor throw his mighty hammer and I will not miss Iron Man be insanely cool.  Captain America I'm not too bothered about, but hey I guess he's cute.  He's got that going for him haha.

So I am making a promise to my self, and giving a huge middle finger to some certain doctors for certain reasons, in a few weeks time I will be the happiest Cherry Neko of all time bouncing around like a loon like the pretend superhero I am.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the box of chocolate in the corner of my room.  It needs to see my determined face before I nom it down.